Getty Family Festival Over the Years

The Getty Family Festivals started even before the Getty Center in Brentwood was built. Back in 1995 when there was only the Villa, CARS was aske...

Community Arts Resources (CARS)
30 Years Ago

Community Arts Resources (CARS) has a long history with Los Angeles and Southern California. Co-founders Katie Bergin...

CARS | Celebrate LA! LA PHIL 100 x CICLAVIA
Review: The L.A. Phil and CicLAvia brought the city together for a game-changing street party

At 8:30 a.m Sunday morning, more than a thousand pedestrians, bicyclists, musicians, politicians and a marching band were assembled downtown on G...

Delicious Little Tokyo Is an Inside Look at the Neighborhood's Fascinating Culinary Heritage

Food festivals pop up almost every weekend in Los Angeles, but Delicious Little Tokyo sets itself apart. Midori Mizuhara, director of Go Little T...

A Curator "Visits" the Getty

A curator's best day on the job involves jousting, theater, armor—and a chance to see people enjoying the museum together.

Glow Art Festival Illuminates a Beach

SANTA MONICA, Calif. — It took an entire week for Janet Echelman — along with a team that included a composer, landscape architects, lighting tec...

The Angeleno Who Got CicLAvia Rolling Doesn't Just Produce Festivals; He Aims to Reshape L.A.

Inspiration can be fleeting in a metropolis with the landmass of several major cities combined and demographic diversity of hemispheric proportio...

Why Letting Thousands of People Take Over the Streets Is a Good Idea

On a recent afternoon, the Second Street Tunnel in downtown Los Angeles was not jammed with noxious, idling cars. Instead, hundreds of bicyclists...

CARS Catalyzes Cultural Community

Aaron Paley and Katie Bergin have been catalyzing community in Los Angeles together for nearly three decades. They first got to know each other a...