A Viver Brasil dancer welcomes participants to COAST, Santa Monica's Open Streets Event.

Event goers contribute to a participatory thumb print mural designed by artist, Peter Tigler.

An audience looks onto the Delicious Little Tokyo food stage.

The City of Palm Desert hosts a community festival boasting street improvement opportunities.


Over thirty years of programming and producing a wide range of public and private events have expanded CARS' repertoire to include cultural festivals, open-street events, community celebrations, concerts, street processions, tours, conferences, and more. CARS has engaged a vast network of artists, institutions, government planning and redevelopment agencies, private developers, architects, and nonprofits.

As experts in implementing culture into the built and social fabric of the urban environment, CARS utilizes this comprehensive approach to develop sustainable, community-focused plans, unique programming and marketing models, public space design direction, and long-term governance and operational structures of programming public spaces around the world.

With this unique perspective, CARS connects people to places through meaningful engagement, resulting in creative economic development, community enrichment, and experiences that transcend time.

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Public Space Planning
Community Engagement
Institutional Milestones & Celebrations
Active Transportation
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