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Little Tokyo Community Council (LTCC)
2015 - Present
Little Tokyo, Los Angeles, CA
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Go Little Tokyo

Go Little Tokyo is a multi-year, community-based marketing and outreach campaign aimed at revitalizing local businesses and cultural institutions during Metro Regional Connector construction as part of the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro LA)'s mitigation effort for disrupting the community. Working closely with the Little Tokyo Community Council (LTCC), Community Arts Resources (CARS) has developed and managed all aspects of the campaign, including: creation of a unified neighborhood brand, website, regular marketing of neighborhood constituents such as businesses, institutions and community groups through traditional and online media, creation of temporary way-finding and signage, and pop-up neighborhood engagement events.

As part of the broad-based regional outreach strategy to ignite interest in the Little Tokyo neighborhood, CARS has worked with a graphic designer, Keith & Co. to create an all-inclusive neighborhood website portal (golittletokyo.com) that serves as a one-stop-shop for all Little Tokyo-related information for visitors, residents and business owners. Along with a robust following on all social media channels, the Go Little Tokyo campaign is in constant dialogue with its followers, fans, and constituents virtually and able to broadcast and receive important information through multiple outlets.

In 2018, Go Little Tokyo was recognized by the American Planning Association (APA), Los Angeles Section for an Award of Excellence for Economic Development, and by the APA California Chapter for an Award of Merit for Economic Planning and Development.

In response to Covid-19, Go Little Tokyo launched The Community Feeding Community program to provide meals for individuals whose jobs were impacted by COVID-19. Meals are purchased from a rotating list of small businesses in Little Tokyo and the Arts District. In an effort to support retail, services, and other small businesses in the neighborhood, Little Tokyo Community Council (LTCC) has launched a collective community GoFundMe for our historic LT neighborhood. Little Tokyo needs your help—though many businesses have begun operating again, decreased capacity and foot traffic have dramatically affected their bottom line. Please consider making a donation at our link in bio to support the small businesses through these challenging times.

Additionally, the 5th Annual Delicious Little Tokyo transformed into a month-long virtual series of events for all to experience and celebrate authentic culinary experiences from one of Los Angeles's most historic, iconic, and favorite foodie neighborhoods in the comfort of their own homes.

The virtual festival featured interactive workshops, live chats with community leaders, giveaways and themed weeks with live videos spotlighting Little Tokyo businesses streamed every weekend beginning Friday, June 26 through Sunday, July 26 across Go Little Tokyo's Instagram and Facebook platforms (@GoLittleTokyo).



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