Glendale Public Art Master Plan
City of Glendale
2017 - 2018
Glendale, CA
Public Space Planning
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Glendale Urban Art Program Master Plan
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Glendale Public Art Master Plan

Under the direction of the City of Glendale's Arts & Culture Commission, an advisory group to the Glendale City Council on arts and culture policies, Community Arts Resources (CARS) and the nation's leading public art expert, Barbara Goldstein, developed the City's first Public Art Master Plan. The Plan provides a blueprint for the City to continue to enrich the experience of its growing numbers of residents and visitors, and enhance the quality of life and local economy in the built environment through arts and culture.

CARS led the multi-lingual marketing and community outreach efforts for the team, including implementing a comprehensive strategy: distribution of postcards, posters, stickers, and other collateral, attending community events and meetings, directing an advisory committee, writing and distributing press releases, producing community-wide meetings, and managing the interactive mapping website (

The Glendale City Council adopted the Public Art Master Plan in August 2018.

Glendale Public Art Master Plan Glendale Public Art Master Plan
Glendale Public Art Master Plan Glendale Public Art Master Plan