• Aerial view of the future Civic Park location.
  • Gathering community input for programming of the new Civic Park.
  • A poster illustrating the Civic park programs and uses from a community meeting.
  • 3-D model of the future Civic Park designed from community input.

Grand Park / Grand Avenue Project

cultural planning

Client: MJM Management Group

Project Time Frame: 2004 - 2008

As part of the core design team for the historic $56 million transformation of this sixteen-acre space, Community Arts Resources (CARS) published Civic Park: A Vision For Community Festivals and Events; an analysis of demand, infrastructure needs and an operational structure with budgets for this new regional park. CARS was charged with reviewing how the site could function as a public space for community and cultural events. CARS then developed the architectural program for all of the new spaces throughout the park, assessing how usage of the park could work on a daily, weekly, monthly and large event basis. Central to this study were case studies and recommendations for the governance and operations of the new park. CARS organized and oversaw the community planning process for the programming of the site, which included a large, interactive community meeting at the site itself, with subsequent follow-up meetings. CARS also worked with key individuals from the cultural and production world to advise on the role of the park within the greater context of Los Angeles' cultural ecosystem.

Grand Park / Grand Avenue Project
200 N. Spring Street
Los Angeles,CA 90012